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Sweeper Brushes

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Sweeper Brushes

Normally, the sweeper brushes are using in a machine to clean the cities, streets, roads and lands as well. There are many machines are available in markets as we said below. We are supplying all the sizes of brushes such as wafers/ Rings/ Brooms/ Gutter/ Main/ Side Brushes for all the sweeper machines for UAE Markets and other GCC Countries. Our brushes are imported from Germany, Spain & Canada and we are paying high price to prove the quality of our brushes to get the satisfaction from our customers. Brushes are available in Poly, wire & Poly Wire Mix with high performance in cleaning hard dust. We are serving our customers and clients with minimum profit of business

Since its founding in United Arab Emirates in 2015, JBG General Trading LLC has become the leading supplier of Sweeper Brushes for all the machines in United Arab Emirates and the company expanded the operations in other GCC countries as well. The company founded with the pure aim to introduce and supply high quality (Imported Quality) Sweeper Brushes with reasonable price in United Arab Markets and the same continuing and now we reached near to you. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of cleaning in Road Construction, Factories, Oil & Gas Fields and Facilities Management in GCC Countries

Types of Sweeper Brushes

  • Cylinder/Tube/Main Brushes
  • Side/Front/Gutter Brushes
  • Wafers/Ring Brushes
  • Forklift Brushes
  • Floor Scrubbing Brushes & Pads
  • Cow Brushes
Sweeper Brushes in the UAE

Cylinder/Tube/Main Brushes

There are several names and sizes for Road Sweeping roller brushes like, Brush Rollers, Broom Rollers and Cylinder Brushes. These brushes are typically made for hard cleaning for street/ road/airport/ industrial with high quality materials of poly and wire. The brush can be used in combination with water or spray systems. These brushes can also be used for removing weeds from pavements. They have a square bore and consist of one or two parts, dependent of the length. These brushes are available in Poly and poly Wire Mix.

Side/Front/Gutter Brushes

The Gutter Sweeping Attachment combines both a weeding brush and the cleaning power of gutter brush in one sweeping head. Gutter brushes & cleaning brushes are mainly used for cleaning gutters, roads, parking lots, airports, squares, bicycle paths etc. Depending on the application and sweeping task, an open or closed filling is chosen. There are three choices of filling: steel, synthetic or mixed. We supply the brushes for all the sweepers brands existing in the marketplace such as Ravo, Bucher, Dulevo, Mathieu, Hako, Piquersa, Johnston, Schmidt etc. All our brushes include new hardware which facilitates its attachment to the sweeper.

Wafers/Ring Brushes

Wafer Brushes may be constructed in many sizes with a variety of bristle material in various patterns. There are two types of Ring Brushes like, Zig Zag and Flat Brushes. But they all are namely sweeping roads and other large surfaces. These brushes can also be used for removing sand and other debris from large surfaces, car parks and runways. These brushes are typically made for hard cleaning for street/road/airport/ industrial with high quality materials of poly and wire. All the sizes are available from 4 inch to 10 inch (Inner Diameter) in Ring Brushes. These brushes are imported and we supply the high quality brushes in the market.

Forklift Brushes

Heavy duty forklift brushes are designed to move the hard dust from a wide area with 11 rows of (Replaceable & Fixed) polypropylene and steel bristles. The sweeper can clean up in the toughest of environments. It is mounting directly onto the forks of the forklift and free sweeping can be achieved in minutes. This high quality forklift brush will remain in service for years to come.

Floor Scrubbing Brushes & Pads

Scrubbing Brushes using to clean small surfaces quickly. These scrubber brushes ensure your floors are perfectly clean. Even if you are cleaning floors as small as 10 ft² they are more efficient than wet moping. This easy to use Commercial Grade Floor Cleaner deep cleans scrubs and polishes hardwood, vinyl tiles, laminate and concrete floors. Plus, it removes stubborn spots and stains from carpets. There are many types and sizes of scrubber Brushes available. There are several types of Brushes in Poly Bristle with plastic & wooden top. Sizes available from 11 Inches – 22 Inches. Pad Holder/Pad driver available from 11 Inches to 22 Inches. Metal and plastic also in sizes.

Cow Brushes

The unique design of swinging cow brush has built-in safety. It rotates at a safe cow-friendly speed and will immediately stop if there is resistance. It has sensitive overload protection against overheating and a significantly lower working temperature.

  • Capacity: 50-60 Heads/Hour
  • Installment: 100cm to the ground: 126cm to the wall
  • Net Weight: 70kg
  • Slowdown Rate: 60:1
  • Rotate speed: 22r/m
  • Brush diameter: 50cm
  • Brush length/ Height: 60cm
  • Motor: 220v//110V,50/60hz
  • Brush distribution: head 55%, body back 37%, neck 8%.
  • Hour glass shape: outer diameter: 500mm, length: 1000mm, middle diameter: 300mm
  • Cylinder shape: length: 600mm, diameter: 500mm.

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